An update - Demon Towers

2008-05-03 11:36:17 by Lifes-a-Bitch

For all those who care:
I've dropped the Lifes a Bitch series and the Odity Experiment series too. I may pick these up at a later date.
I've also dropped every other prodject I had so now I'm working on one.
It's a new one, a game. One I'm interested in finishing, then releasing a sequal to. It's a FBF game. Runs at 24 fps and is currently looking good. I guess I can keep everyone posted here.


--Main character sprites
--Main character coding
--Training level

--Save/Load script
--Enemy scripts
--Boss scripts
--Enemy designs
--Boss designs
--Sword designs

That's it I think. Looks alot less than what it actually is. Wish me luck.


Current Projects

2007-07-18 14:55:32 by Lifes-a-Bitch

Prodject list
The Odity Experiment(T.O.E) - Movie
Standing for the "Strange" Experiment. this is the start to a proper series.
The Odity Experiment concentrates on Heavyclone and the others who were made like him. Created to fight they seek each other out, naturally, just to kill each other; however, there's more than one enemy; not only were the other "experiments" to worry about, he has the Bio Tech Research Cooperation (BTRC). Heavyclone, first of all ten(9?) experiments, has to fight against all the later creations, which are far superior, of course thats where his shaman friend Romulas comes in. A animal shapeshifter who can change any body part into the respective part of any animal, but his fraviate, the wolf.

MonsterHunterPC - Game - Real Time
This is still yet to get a proper name.
The main inspiration is from the hit game Monster Hunter for the PS2 following to Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for the PSP.
I will be sticking a demo of this onto NG and try finding a place where I can host the full version which will recieve updates every now and then.

Mini Projects:
Ball Game Test - Game - Probally wont finish.
Fuzzy - Animation
Battle System Test - Game - I'll get round to finishing this up for when I actually make a TOE game.